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In a typical environment the two key processes will be the 'inbound' forecast to stock and the 'outbound' order to cash. Both consist of a number of sub-processes. Success is dependant on multifunctional co-operation.
  • Forecast to stock
    This is the complex process of arriving at sales forecasts, which are then converted to actual product orders that are submitted to the suppliers taking into account the relevant lead-times. It continues with the task of ensuring that factories comply with the supply requirements and the products are securely transported to the company warehouse and are available to sell to the customers.
  • Order to cash
    This is the process of taking and processing customer orders, ensuring that these are supplied in full and on time in line with the requirements. It follows with the accurate and timely processing of customer invoices and ends with customer payment.

Forecast to stock

This area covers a number of processes:

  • Forecasting process
  • Product order process
  • Factory communication process
  • Product delivery process
  • Warehouse management process
  • Customisation process

As a result of all of the above processes the SKU's that are required will be available for sale both physically and system wise. Most of the above processes can be supported by system tools such as forecasting software, communication software between the company and supplier, track and trace system, warehouse management system and communication software.
The customisation process is usually more difficult to handle. However collaboration software is available that supports co-operation with this and other activities.

Order to Cash

This area covers a number of processes:

  • Order Taking process
  • Warehouse Communication process
  • Customer Delivery process
  • Promotional Pricing process
  • Invoicing process
  • Return Goods process
  • Crediting process
  • Credit and Late Payment process

As a result of all of the above processes the customer orders will be processed, fulfilled, invoiced and cash collected. The objective is to produce a perfect order where the customer requirement is fulfilled in full and on time, the invoice is prepared accurately and sent out on time and the cash is collected in accordance with the payment terms

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