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Definition of the supply chain
Supply Chain is the interrelated collection of processes and associated resources that starts with the acquirement of raw material and extends to the delivery of end items to the customer. It includes suppliers, manufacturers, logistics service providers, warehouses, distributors, wholesalers and all other entities that lead up to delivery to the final customer. In a wider perspective it may also include the suppliers to the vendors and the customers of the immediate customers.

For typical marketing and sales operations the supply chain is more restricted and extends from purchasing the finished goods from the manufacturing facilities to supplying the immediate customer. In more advanced operations it may extend to the customer of the immediate customer.

Our objective
Our objective is to provide information about Supply Chain organisation, processes and measurements . We focus on the Supply Chain of a typical fast moving consumer goods sales and marketing company. While many of the ideas are relevant elsewhere its should be recognised that certain supply methods (such as made to order) are not relevant in this industry.

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